Understanding Electricity Markets

Delivered by experienced market practitioners with first hand knowledge of energy markets, our in-house program involves small master-class style presentations, practical case studies and a hands-on experience of electricity market price outcomes. This workshop prepares industry participants, stakeholders, major users, service providers and government officials for the challenges and opportunities in a competitive electricity market.

After participating in the NZX Energy Understanding Electricity Markets workshop, you’ll be familiar with the fundamentals of electricity markets, how they operate, and be up-to-date with the latest developments in electricity market reform.

Understanding Market Operations

This one day seminar will provide participants with the knowledge and information they require to be participants in the New Zealand wholesale electricity market. The service provider roles that NZX performs (pricing manager, reconciliation manager, clearing manager and Wholesale Information Trading System (WITS), the requirements of market participants and how to make the most of the services provided by NZX will be covered. The seminar will give participants relevant knowledge in these areas and expertise from the NZX Energy team who perform the roles.

The seminar will be held annually and is recommended for participants to attend the Understanding Electricity Markets Masterclass.

Contact Us

To register or for further information email training@nzx.com or contact us on +64 498 0029

Training Materials

NZX MOSP Essentials Version one - Important information regarding deadlines, requirements and contacts for the pricing manager, reconciliation manager, clearing manager and Wholesale Information Trading System (WITS). 

User Groups 2016

Focuses on discussing current and future enhancements and developments in the reconciliation manager, clearing manager, pricing manager and WITS roles. A webinar was available for those unable to attend in person, please contact NZX Energy for more information regarding these user groups.

Combined User Group 23 November 2017

RM CM User Group 10 August 2016

WITS PM User Group 12 October 2016

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